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Blast from the Past - Enemies to Lovers - THE ONE

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Hunter has trained all of his life to become a hero. Now he has his chance. A great evil has invaded the land and the royal seer has dreamed that there is only one man who can save them.

A Gathering Quest has been launched by the king to find the “One’ in the seer’s dream, the ‘One’ who will save them. Hunter has had dreams too, frightening dreams. For that reason, he eagerly heads to the castle to meet this seer to determine if he is indeed the One.' But the seer disappears before Hunter reaches the castle. Now Hunter’s only choice is to launch his own quest to find the missing psychic. But the ever mischievous Tome, a man who drives Hunter crazy with his endless pursuit of being the best and his relentless acts of sexual harassment, somehow ends up handcuffed to him. 

To make matters even worse, Tome insists now he will accompany Hunter on his quest – to protect him. Being handcuffed together, Hunter can hardly refuse. But how can Hunter save the world if he has to constantly battle a very demanding Tome’s advances? More importantly, how can he save himself from falling for this man with the dazzling smile?


"Tell me your dream," Tome whispered.

Hunter blinked a few times as he came back from that mind-bending kiss and he took a moment or two to focus. He cleared his throat as he pushed Tome's arms away.

"No. No. I'm not telling you my dream." Exactly why he wouldn't was well beyond his ability at the moment to remember.

"That's too bad."


Tome reached behind him and pulled out a pair of hand restraints consisting of two metal hinged rings attached together with a length of chain. He slapped one of the rings on his own right wrist, locking it, then reached out quickly and locked the other ring on Hunter's left wrist.

Whatever confusion the kiss had caused melted away immediately.

"What the fuck?"

Hunter got up, stumbling back, but Tome pulled hard on the hand with the restraint, hauling Hunter back toward him and down until Hunter's face was right in front of Tome's.

"Look. I told you I'm not stupid but I just realized you drugged my ale. This is the only way I am going to be able to make sure you don't go anywhere without me."

"You… you…! Where did you get these?"

"I ran into a jailer in the hallway. I took them off of him. He never even noticed. I originally thought they might come in handy later. I like the thought of you naked and helpless while I do… stuff…" He smirked. "But… well, this works too. You got the drugs from Palvian, didn't you? What did you tell him? That you couldn't sleep?"

Hunter was surprised and shocked, reacting once again at the thought Tome put in his head of being bound while Tome had free rein of his body.

"Yeah, that's right. I did." His voice was raspy. As much as that image made him weak in the knees, as much as he wanted to allow that fantasy to play out, at least in his mind, he now had a bigger problem. "Where's the key?"

"Like I would tell you."

Hunter yanked Tome to a standing position. He put his shackled hand on Tome's shoulder and started to go through Tome's pockets with his free hand, padding and feeling for that small metal object.
"That tickles!" Tome laughed, but there was no doubt in Hunter's mind, the man was enjoying the search far too much.

"Where is it?" Hunter looked up into Tome's grinning face. "Where the fuck is it?"

Tome grabbed Hunter's free hand and pulled it down, rubbing the flat palm across his bulge. "There's one place you haven't checked yet… maybe if you rub hard enough… long enough… something will come out…"

Anger and desperation rose quickly to the surface of Hunter's muddled brain. He pulled free of Tome's grasp, reached further down and grabbed Tome's balls. He squeezed hard through the thin fabric. Tome cried out and bent over, his forehead coming to rest on Hunter's shoulder.
Hunter growled. "Are you going to tell me?"

Tome pushed Hunter's hand away. "Well, that's one way to kill the mood." He moaned as he readjusted himself. "But the key is not on me."

"Then where the fuck is it?"

"Don't worry. It'll show up… in about twenty-four hours… or later… I've been a little"—Tome held his fist to his chest and belched—"irregular lately…"

Hunter's eyes flew open wide. "Are you kidding me? You fucking swallowed it?"

Tome gave him one of his brilliant smiles.

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