Monday, September 21, 2015

COVER REVEAL! The Neighbors - A Vampire Story

The Neighbors - A Vampire Story

October 2015


Danny never paid attention to the dark empty house next door. He and his friends all believed it was haunted though. An old Victorian, Danny always thought it would be a great place for Vampires to live. But graduating from high school in a week or so, Danny had other things on his mind.

But then the neighbors moved in. The very hot neighbors.

They were brothers who, Danny swore, were barely older than he was. And the oldest one, Gabriel, was enough to send Danny to his knees. Literarily. Tall, dark and very handsome, Danny’s vivid imagination ran wild.

But then Danny heard noises coming from the neighbor’s house at night. Noises that sounded a lot like screams. And so what if the brothers came to Danny’s rescue one dark night. Something scared off his attackers so when the rumors started, the ones that said Gabriel and his brother Samuel were vampires, Danny was determined to find out the truth. 

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