Monday, March 21, 2016

New book video for THE ASTRAL MAGE

NEW Book Video!

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Kyrus is a wanted man. Being an Astral Mage, he controls life and death. Which means others want to control him, so he's run from planet to planet, hiding. Until Tilbarr saves him. But with Kyrus by his side, Tilbarr's life is in danger. So Kyrus runs again and the chase begins anew.

Kyrus has never cared about life and death, he controls them. He's an Astral Mage, better known as a "Soul Giver", a race of people who can reattach life force energy back to its source. In other words, he brings the dead back to life.

For years the Confederated Authority, the governing body for planets, has been methodically hunting Astral Mages down and Kyrus is as pure as they've seen. So it becomes a huge risk when Tilbarr, the captain of the Wolf, brings Kyrus on board his ship.

Not that Tilbarr is afraid of the ConFed. Far from is. But the threat to Kyrus doesn't come fron outside the Wolf and it isn't long before Tilbarr realizes he just may have to give up everything in order to save Kyrus: his ship, his crew and even his life. All in all, not a bad trade off.


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