Thursday, November 13, 2014


Saving Jack is out November 23rd

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Standing on a cold, high bridge in the middle of nowhere is actually progress for Jack Demar. Nevertheless, exhausted, aching from both physical and metal bruises with no food, no coat, no real life to speak of, he stares into the rushing water below and can't help but wonder...what is the point of going on?

Jack is on the run from Trevor, an abusive ex-lover, when Sam Wyndom, the police chief of the tiny town of Stonefield, shows up. Sam feeds him, gives him a bed and shelter, and offers him time to heal. Even so, Jack is still surprised how strongly he's attracted to the tall, handsome, and muscular lawman. After two years with Trevor, he thought that part of his heart was long dead. But it hardly matters what he feels, since he knows he can't stay in one place for too long.

Sam is content taking care of his town. Sure, he's alone but that doesn't mean he's lonely. Still, his tiny town doesn't offer up much in the way of potential partners - until Jack shows up. Suddenly, Sam will do anything to get Jack to stay, which means he will need to show the frightened and abused young man he can be trusted to protect him.

But Trevor isn't finished with Jack yet, With a little detective work he's going to find him...and then Sam will have to work extra hard to keep Jack safe...

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