Saturday, November 29, 2014

Talasar's Elixir

Talasar's Elixir coming December 7

Relath Talasar is a wizard, not the scam artist Khat, the local sheriff, thinks he is. Mainly because Khat does not believe in wizards or dragon shifters or magic of any kind. Believing such things can land you in jail and practicing magic can get you executed. All Sheriff Khat is trying to do is force Relath to leave town so he doesn't have to deal with it. 

But after coming to LocShire on the heels - or should he say tentacles? - of an evil Angel Walker, Relath has fallen hard for the lawman. Now, not only does Relath have to protect the big, dumb sheriff and defeat the Angel Walker, he has to stay ahead of the colonel hell bent on seeing him hang for the crime of being a wizard...

Want to read more? Go HERE to read an excerpt and for the buy link. 

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