Friday, March 27, 2015

Excerpt from the upcoming "I Believe Now"

Max chuckled. “You’re really enjoying this aren’t you?”

Asher laughed as he pulled away. “Yeah…even though I know you’re the one who got me the job.”

Max reached over and grabbed Asher around the neck and pulled him back into his embrace. “I didn’t get you the job. You applied along with thirty other photographers and got the job yourself.”

“See? Right there! That’s how come I know you did it. I never told you any of that.”

Max looked down into Asher’s face with a smile. “Do you think I would allow you to do anything without checking it out first? Of course I know all about it.”

“Oh…yeah, you would do that…right.” He shifted under Max’s arm, not really sure how to take all this over protectiveness. “So…you didn’t threaten any lives or anything? You know, call in some markers?”

Max laughed, something Asher noticed he was doing a lot more of recently. “No, I did not threaten any lives or call in any markers.” He sobered. “Are you disappointed?”

Asher turned to look at Max, a thoughtful look on his face. Disappointed? Really? Did he actually want Max to do those things for him? Well, not threaten people or anything but maybe the occasional marker would be nice; but then again, maybe just a little irritating too. If the mere mention of Max’s name could move mountains, small accomplishments, like these photo books, should mean little to nothing even in his own opinion.

But truthfully he lost himself every time he lifted the camera to his eye. The hours flew by as he chased the light and shadows. The moments he seemed to be able to capture…no, not just moments, but emotion. And not just capture, but create something that would speak to everyone who took the time to look. Sometimes it was just an image, but other times he knew he could make people see what he saw at that moment. He could make people feel the reason he clicked the button in the first place. He felt the magic flow through him and he knew at least some of the shots were exceptional. So at the moment, anyway, it really didn’t matter to him what Max’s name alone could accomplish.

“No. Of course not. I am certainly not disappointed. I love the fact I got the job on my own...if I did.” He saw Max smirk as the man put the thin cigarette to his mouth. “I’m having fun and the shots are turning out great. I might even enter some of the shots in this contest coming up. The winner will have a showing of their work at the next Art Fair Chicago.”

Max nodded his head. “I’ve gone to that a few times.”

Asher once again pulled back after he had settled into Max’s shoulder and looked up at him. “What? You? Cultured? You’re kidding me, right?”

Max smiled but it looked more like he had just been insulted. “Even cold blooded, heartless criminals enjoy art, Asher.”

Well, Asher had to admit the old man did have taste. One look at this living room alone screamed all kinds of things about Max’s personality. Sharp, clean lines, minimalist simplicity with only a touch of color. He leaned his back into the couch suddenly feeling tired again but not taking his eyes off of his lover’s wickedly beautiful face. “I bet if I had any of the pictures I already took of you being the cold blooded…what was that again? Oh yeah, heartless criminal, I would win for sure. Maybe I need to take some more.”

Max raised an eyebrow.

“Don’t worry. I’m not following you.” Asher huffed out.

“I know.”

“But you are following me.”

“I am.”


“I think that would be obvious. To keep you safe.”

“There isn’t anyone out to get me anymore…except you that is.”

Max made no comment as he set his now empty glass down on the table in front of him and snuffed out his cigarette.

“Hey! There is no one out to get me, right?”

“Of course not. But I am still going to protect you.”

“Yeah, well, I noticed a few more guards then usual today. What’s going on?”

“Nothing you need to concern yourself about.”

“So there is something going on. What?” Asher sat up straight and looked right at him, his heart suddenly tripping. “Did something happen?”

Max simply took Asher’s glass from his hand and set it down, too, then took the front of Asher’s robe and pulled him into a firm kiss. Asher fought for a bit, finally being shoved down onto the couch and pinned. Max broke the kiss just so he could whisper in his ear, “It is none of your concern. Stay out of it. I will take care of everything.” Then he took him into a deeper kiss, his hands exploring, making Asher forget they had even been talking.

But Asher did wonder vaguely what would become of dinner.

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