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Hyden's Law Free Read

Hyden's Law

New unedited Excerpt:

“You want me like this?”

Do I want you? The man was going to drive him insane with want. Hyden’s body was more than magnificent in all its tanned and muscled naked glory. There wasn’t an ounce of fat on it. His biceps and flat stomach and dark nipples were all making Graham’s mouth water. He wanted to suck on the flaccid cock that was nestled in all that dark hair between Hyden’s legs. Legs that Hyden had spread wide when he sat in the chair Graham had moved into the living room for him. A chair that was centered right in front of him. Not only that but Hayden then proceeded to tip the chair back, giving Graham an amazing view of… everything.

Was he teasing Graham? Did he know what he was thinking? Because when Hyden paraded his naked self into the living room and walked to that chair, he turned his back to Graham, revealing a very squeezable ass, he bent over, and all he did was to pick up and move the chair slightly to the left. Or was it right? Graham had no idea. Who cared? How could one possible watch where a chair moved to when there was all this amazing flesh in front of him?

“Um… I…” He couldn’t even think of words much less string any of them together to form an intelligible sentence. What the hell had he gotten himself into? And why was Graham reacting this way with an Omega with the Mating Moon due to rise in just a few hours. It made absolutely no sense.

But to draw him like… this would be the hottest thing he had ever done. It would definitely earn him the “pass” in his art class he was after. How could it not? Except now, with the way the man was displaying himself, he was thinking he didn’t want to share this sight with anyone else. Even if the man were an Omega and could never be his. He put his pad and pencil down. He was going to have to re-position that beautiful body. By his own hand.

Ahhh geez…


His sister in a bikini.

His Beta, John, making a pass at him.

The last conversation with his mother.

Hayden pushed his thoughts anywhere except the small hot shifter in front of him. Somehow he had to keep his cock from betraying him on every level. He had a plan on how to get his man now. Something he was certain was going to work. Or at least he hoped it would. He was going to have to be patient though, and one way or another continue to keep his very aggravated wolf at bay.

But it wouldn’t hurt to give his soon-to-be lover a little bit of a show.

Of course, doing something like that this close to the Mating Moon was flat out dangerous. He was barely able to hold his wolf back at this point. Smelling his mate’s arousal was going to send him into a tail spin that might just end with him pinning Graham to the floor, ripping him free of all clothing and claiming him once and for all.

Damn. What was the pup doing now? Hyden watched as Graham crossed the space between them.

“I think… I can’t… I need for you to sit… differently.”

Hyden wanted to chuckle at the deepness of Graham’s voice. It was all kinds of sexy and made Hyden sweat but it was too damn cute that Graham seeing his naked mate, even if the pup continued to have no clue Hyden was his mate, turned him on like that.

It also made Hyden want to pounce.

But he would do this dance because if he didn’t, if Graham found out that Hyden was indeed an Alpha before he could tie him down, he could still lose him. That possibility, though, was becoming smaller as the days rolled on. Especially now, since Graham was clearly attracted. Now that he had been in the presence of his true lifetime mate, there was no way that Graham was going to be able to resist making the mating call once the moon was full and, of course, Hyden answering it.

But Hyden had to be patient.

Even if the pup was now manhandling him into a pose that was acceptable to him to draw.

“Put your leg… like this.”

Graham had made Hyden sit up on the chair and cross his legs, ankle to knee. This time Hyden did chuckle. Sitting like this would hide his privates from the artist and therefore from anyone who would see the artwork. But the chuckle turned into a growl as Graham’s hand lingered on Hyden’s bare leg. Caressing then squeezing, Graham cleared his throat and finally turned away, heading back to his own chair that he had set up for himself.

“So try to um… stay like that.” The smaller man wiggled in his chair, obviously having trouble finding a comfortable position.

“Something wrong?” Hyden could not resist asking.

“No. Nothing is wrong. It’s just… I’m fine.” Even after clearing his throat again, Graham’s voice was still raspy.

But now the scent of Graham’s arousal was filling the room. Damn. This may have been a very bad idea. There was no way Hyden was going to be able to fight against this for long. His whole being longed to get nearer to that scent, ached to get right up close and personal. Hyden closed his eyes as he once again tried to concentrate on other things, the battle coming up, his sister’s wedding in a couple of months, the fact he was already cramping in his turned knee. But it didn’t help. And even though the room was chilly, nothing was cooling off his desire to claim his mate. He opened his eyes and looked down at his traitor cock, filling now, becoming stiff, readying itself for that very action.

And inside, Hyden’s wolf was ready to howl.

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