Saturday, July 18, 2015


Possible Title and Cover for my first, soon to be released, 

Free Read

I have opted to do a free read through Goodreads called "Bring Out Your Kink". It is BDSM Picture prompted story about wolf shifters. My first in that area, too. Below is a tiny, unedited excerpt along with the letter and picture prompt.


Dear Pervert,
I was been looking for a house to rent and being a omega wolf in the city, one of my rules was to never to live around an alpha. It just doesn't works. Being smaller and weaker I wouldn't be able to fend advances, specially in mating season. A friend of mine told me there was this omega looking for a roommate and, well, the rent fit in my budget, the house was nice, and I accepted. When I got there, to my surprise the man was huge and looked anything but an omega, but I couldn't smell alpha in him and he was pretty nice, so I thought maybe he was just a human and my friend made a mistake. But after one week, I started to notice some changes in his behavior, and consequently in mine. Maybe I've made a mistake after all.


Graham was going to drive Hyden mad.
It had only been a week and the whole house smelled of him. Every corner of it. Graham had been plaguing him, too, with his desire he go to at least one class. One they could take together. Seemed the little pup was friendless and too timid to come out of his shell to actually make any. He felt bad for him but time was always a factor for Hyden. The methodical progress to taking over the city had taken on a life of its own and sucked up a good portion of Hyden's waking hours. Which, honestly, was just fine because the more he was away from Graham’s alluring presence the safer the man was from Hyden’s growing need to take him and fuck him senseless. But the need to please his mate, to make the little wolf smile... sweat, come... was equally as overwhelming.
Not to mention the necessity to finally come clean about not only being Graham’s fated mate but a feared Alpha, besides. And he had to do it before the full moon.
And the full moon was coming. Days away now. Hours.
He was going to have to figure out a way to tell the shifter, but how? The stories Graham had of his experiences with Alphas would make Hyden want to run from them, too. Okay, not run. Kill, yes, but not run.
And holding back was not a talent he possessed.
Then he thought of something. Something quite amazing. Okay, so the pup wanted almost desperately for Hyden to take a class. Any class, he had said. Well, there was a class that just might fit the bill and it was definitely one the two of them would take together. One that involved chains and leather straps and whips and paddles.
Yes. That has a chance of working in a “killing two birds with one stone” kind of way. Hmmmm. Yes, my little soon to be lover. We are going to take a class. Just not at your school.