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Hyden's Law Free Read

Hyden's Law

New unedited Excerpt:

“You want me like this?”

Do I want you? The man was going to drive him insane with want. Hyden’s body was more than magnificent in all its tanned and muscled naked glory. There wasn’t an ounce of fat on it. His biceps and flat stomach and dark nipples were all making Graham’s mouth water. He wanted to suck on the flaccid cock that was nestled in all that dark hair between Hyden’s legs. Legs that Hyden had spread wide when he sat in the chair Graham had moved into the living room for him. A chair that was centered right in front of him. Not only that but Hayden then proceeded to tip the chair back, giving Graham an amazing view of… everything.

Was he teasing Graham? Did he know what he was thinking? Because when Hyden paraded his naked self into the living room and walked to that chair, he turned his back to Graham, revealing a very squeezable ass, he bent over, and all he did was to pick up and move the chair slightly to the left. Or was it right? Graham had no idea. Who cared? How could one possible watch where a chair moved to when there was all this amazing flesh in front of him?

“Um… I…” He couldn’t even think of words much less string any of them together to form an intelligible sentence. What the hell had he gotten himself into? And why was Graham reacting this way with an Omega with the Mating Moon due to rise in just a few hours. It made absolutely no sense.

But to draw him like… this would be the hottest thing he had ever done. It would definitely earn him the “pass” in his art class he was after. How could it not? Except now, with the way the man was displaying himself, he was thinking he didn’t want to share this sight with anyone else. Even if the man were an Omega and could never be his. He put his pad and pencil down. He was going to have to re-position that beautiful body. By his own hand.

Ahhh geez…


His sister in a bikini.

His Beta, John, making a pass at him.

The last conversation with his mother.

Hayden pushed his thoughts anywhere except the small hot shifter in front of him. Somehow he had to keep his cock from betraying him on every level. He had a plan on how to get his man now. Something he was certain was going to work. Or at least he hoped it would. He was going to have to be patient though, and one way or another continue to keep his very aggravated wolf at bay.

But it wouldn’t hurt to give his soon-to-be lover a little bit of a show.

Of course, doing something like that this close to the Mating Moon was flat out dangerous. He was barely able to hold his wolf back at this point. Smelling his mate’s arousal was going to send him into a tail spin that might just end with him pinning Graham to the floor, ripping him free of all clothing and claiming him once and for all.

Damn. What was the pup doing now? Hyden watched as Graham crossed the space between them.

“I think… I can’t… I need for you to sit… differently.”

Hyden wanted to chuckle at the deepness of Graham’s voice. It was all kinds of sexy and made Hyden sweat but it was too damn cute that Graham seeing his naked mate, even if the pup continued to have no clue Hyden was his mate, turned him on like that.

It also made Hyden want to pounce.

But he would do this dance because if he didn’t, if Graham found out that Hyden was indeed an Alpha before he could tie him down, he could still lose him. That possibility, though, was becoming smaller as the days rolled on. Especially now, since Graham was clearly attracted. Now that he had been in the presence of his true lifetime mate, there was no way that Graham was going to be able to resist making the mating call once the moon was full and, of course, Hyden answering it.

But Hyden had to be patient.

Even if the pup was now manhandling him into a pose that was acceptable to him to draw.

“Put your leg… like this.”

Graham had made Hyden sit up on the chair and cross his legs, ankle to knee. This time Hyden did chuckle. Sitting like this would hide his privates from the artist and therefore from anyone who would see the artwork. But the chuckle turned into a growl as Graham’s hand lingered on Hyden’s bare leg. Caressing then squeezing, Graham cleared his throat and finally turned away, heading back to his own chair that he had set up for himself.

“So try to um… stay like that.” The smaller man wiggled in his chair, obviously having trouble finding a comfortable position.

“Something wrong?” Hyden could not resist asking.

“No. Nothing is wrong. It’s just… I’m fine.” Even after clearing his throat again, Graham’s voice was still raspy.

But now the scent of Graham’s arousal was filling the room. Damn. This may have been a very bad idea. There was no way Hyden was going to be able to fight against this for long. His whole being longed to get nearer to that scent, ached to get right up close and personal. Hyden closed his eyes as he once again tried to concentrate on other things, the battle coming up, his sister’s wedding in a couple of months, the fact he was already cramping in his turned knee. But it didn’t help. And even though the room was chilly, nothing was cooling off his desire to claim his mate. He opened his eyes and looked down at his traitor cock, filling now, becoming stiff, readying itself for that very action.

And inside, Hyden’s wolf was ready to howl.

Keep coming back to find out when the story will be up. I will post the link here. 

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Official Cover for My FREE READ

Here is the official cover for Hyden's Law

Not sure what the schedule will be but I will have the official blurb soon and another excerpt. This will be the start of a series but do not fear, this book will have an ending! There will also be character interviews, a look into Hyden's home, and a video so stay tuned! 

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Possible Title and Cover for my first, soon to be released, 

Free Read

I have opted to do a free read through Goodreads called "Bring Out Your Kink". It is BDSM Picture prompted story about wolf shifters. My first in that area, too. Below is a tiny, unedited excerpt along with the letter and picture prompt.


Dear Pervert,
I was been looking for a house to rent and being a omega wolf in the city, one of my rules was to never to live around an alpha. It just doesn't works. Being smaller and weaker I wouldn't be able to fend advances, specially in mating season. A friend of mine told me there was this omega looking for a roommate and, well, the rent fit in my budget, the house was nice, and I accepted. When I got there, to my surprise the man was huge and looked anything but an omega, but I couldn't smell alpha in him and he was pretty nice, so I thought maybe he was just a human and my friend made a mistake. But after one week, I started to notice some changes in his behavior, and consequently in mine. Maybe I've made a mistake after all.


Graham was going to drive Hyden mad.
It had only been a week and the whole house smelled of him. Every corner of it. Graham had been plaguing him, too, with his desire he go to at least one class. One they could take together. Seemed the little pup was friendless and too timid to come out of his shell to actually make any. He felt bad for him but time was always a factor for Hyden. The methodical progress to taking over the city had taken on a life of its own and sucked up a good portion of Hyden's waking hours. Which, honestly, was just fine because the more he was away from Graham’s alluring presence the safer the man was from Hyden’s growing need to take him and fuck him senseless. But the need to please his mate, to make the little wolf smile... sweat, come... was equally as overwhelming.
Not to mention the necessity to finally come clean about not only being Graham’s fated mate but a feared Alpha, besides. And he had to do it before the full moon.
And the full moon was coming. Days away now. Hours.
He was going to have to figure out a way to tell the shifter, but how? The stories Graham had of his experiences with Alphas would make Hyden want to run from them, too. Okay, not run. Kill, yes, but not run.
And holding back was not a talent he possessed.
Then he thought of something. Something quite amazing. Okay, so the pup wanted almost desperately for Hyden to take a class. Any class, he had said. Well, there was a class that just might fit the bill and it was definitely one the two of them would take together. One that involved chains and leather straps and whips and paddles.
Yes. That has a chance of working in a “killing two birds with one stone” kind of way. Hmmmm. Yes, my little soon to be lover. We are going to take a class. Just not at your school.

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A Place To Belong

A Place to Belong

Coming soon to Amber Allure


Bradley McFarren was looking for someone to take care of Gail, his beloved aging grandmother. He doesn’t have a personal life but he doesn’t need one. As long as Gail is taken care of, it’s all he needs
Logan Perry was running from conservative Iowa. Well-versed in the nursing care of the elderly, Logan believes Mr. McFarren can find no one better for the job. As long as he is hundreds of miles from Iowa, it’s all he needs.
But that isn’t at all what either of them need. What they need, is a place to belong. 



“Hello. My name is Bradley McFarren.” He had held out his perfectly manicured hand and Logan was almost afraid to touch it. But then Bradley enveloped Logan’s fingers in his own and it was almost as if he swallowed Logan in one gulp.
Logan remembered being thrilled at that thought. In fact, it had been the first time in a very long time that Logan became aroused. Going to school and then working more than full-time kept him incredibly busy and his life in a tiny conservative town had not allowed for him to do much in the way of exploring relationships of any kind.
“Hi. I’m Logan Perry,” he had breathed.
“Well, Logan Perry, please sit down.” Bradley had indicated a chair in front of a massive desk and Logan had slipped into it, perching himself on the edge, trying like everything to hide his rabid interest. “I’ve looked over your resume and I have to say, I’m intrigued. What makes a fine looking young man like you even apply for this type of a position?”
Logan had smiled like an idiot when the big beautiful man called him ‘fine looking’. But Bradley had been right in that a young man wanting to take care of his eighty-nine year old grandmother had to seem odd. Logan remembered thinking he would never even be called for an interview much less receive the job but he needed to escape his pathetic existence in Iowa. When he received the tip, through a friend, of a private nursing job all the way down in Texas, he knew he had to try for it. Room, board, a small allowance, the use of a car and hundreds of miles away from Iowa, it was the perfect opportunity for escape. Now that he was here, he was determined to at least be considered.
“I’m a well-trained RN who has enjoyed years of working in rehab centers in their transitional care and assisted living areas. I am very patient and kind and love the older generation. I trust you have checked my references. You will find I am a perfect choice for your grandmother’s companion.”
“But you’re a man. I have to admit, the only real reason I am interviewing you is because I wanted to know why a man would apply for this position. So far, all I have and all you have given me is your qualifications. Which are stellar because, in answer to your statement, of course I checked your references but none of the ones on your resume. Having money gives me the ability to take the inside track. To be frank, I was impressed by your work ethic and standards. I found nothing but glowing reports of how wonderfully you do your job. But you see, Mr. Perry, I adore my grandmother. She means the world to me and I have no intention of allowing just anyone access to her. No matter how qualified. What I want to know is your motive in wanting this job.”
“Motive, sir?”
“You’re coming all the way from Iowa. Have you no family? Friends? Why are you running, Mr. Perry?”
Logan had been shocked at first but then decided the truth in all its ugliness was best anyway. If he was going to get the job, that truth would have to be known. “I come from a very small and conservative town in Iowa. Evidently not a place for a gay man.” Logan remembered noting that the only sign of surprise was Bradley’s one eyebrow going up at the mention Logan was gay. It had given him confidence to go on with his story. “I do have family but since I came out, they no longer accept me. My dad, who’s never been a nice person anyway, disowned me. And to actually understand what that means, he came over to my apartment and beat the crap out of me. He then told me to never darken his doorstep again. Yes, he used those exact words. He no longer had a son. Apparently, he never did. I understand he even went through the house and got rid of everything that reminded him of me.”
Logan had settled back in the office chair and had clasped his hands between his knees so they wouldn’t shake. “My mom pretty much took the same route. And not because of my dad. She’s a tough woman. She disowned me all on her own. She did, however, influence my sister who won’t talk to me now either. If she does, they threatened her with the same treatment. They think I am disgusting and dirty and going to go to hell. That I am some kind of demon. My grandmother actually sent some religious fanatic to my apartment who was supposed to cure me. All he did was scare me from ever opening my door again and has as of yet to leave me alone. He’s on a mission to save me so I can’t influence other young men to become gay. And Friends? I had a few friends, but pretty much the same happened with them. They were okay with me being gay as long as I didn’t talk about it, as long as it wasn’t public knowledge. So, yeah, I guess I am running, Mr. McFarren, and maybe this isn’t the place to be either, conservative Texas, but I figured I had nothing to lose. It’s okay if you don’t hire me. I honestly didn’t expect to get the job. But just so you know, I’m not a demon. I’m a good person. I’m only looking for a place to belong.”
Logan had been thrilled because before he even made it back to his hotel room Bradley had called him to have him come back to his office. He was hired and he wanted Logan to meet his grandmother.  

This story will be a part of a PAX through Amber Allure. I don't know the publish date yet but hopefully soon! Don't run away yet!

There's a video!

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I BELIEVE NOW Book Tour Week Two

Asher Madden

Here's where we've been:

7/3 Up All Night Read All Day (Great Review)

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7/6 Love Bite Reviews
7/7 Literary Nymphs
7/8 My Fiction Nook
7/9 Prism Book Alliance
7/10 Carly's Book Reviews

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Day Five of the I Believe Now book tour


7/3 Up All Night Read All Day

7/6 Love Bite Reviews
7/7 Literary Nymphs
7/8 My Fiction Nook
7/9 Prism Book Alliance
7/10 Carly's Book Reviews


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