Saturday, April 11, 2015

A Blast from the Past - AMBER MOON

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Logan has a past he doesn't want to talk about. One, that after tonight, he is leaving behind for good. He is also leaving behind his all-consuming, unrequited love for Ryder. He will drink the Amber Moon that wise old Solomon has put in front of him and finally walk into a new future. Maybe even a new love.

But that may not have been what Solomon meant. Maybe Solomon knew something Logan didn't. Like things in Logan's past that can't be left behind. Ryder being one of them. Because Ryder doesn't like the idea of only being in Logan's past, not when he fully intends to be Logan's future.




Logan took a seat on the far left side, well away from the bartender. Seemed the old man hadn’t seen him come in, but even as he thought it he knew it wasn’t true. The bartender had direct sight of the door, no obstacles to obscure his observance of who came and who went. Not to mention, Logan had the feeling not much, if anything, got by this man.

Logan wasn’t even sure why he was here other than the overwhelming thought that something was about to happen. He tingled from all the weirdness this day had brought. But still, here he was, not in panic mode, sitting and waiting for…


Crap! Was he waiting for Ryder again? That somehow the guy would track him down after all this time and show up in a bar that wasn’t even supposed to be here?

He looked down at his hands as he contemplated simply leaving. He was fooling himself into thinking there was something here, kidding himself that anything profound could ever happen to him…like love.

“Welcome. My name is Solomon. What can I get for you?”

Logan startled. He hadn’t seen the bartender approach.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to surprise you.”

“No, it’s fine. I…” Logan stared into fathomless eyes as he sensed them reaching into his very soul. He was spellbound by them. Wrinkles of age gave the appearance the man was ancient, but even though that wasn’t quite right, suddenly Logan knew those eyes had seen everything: great pain, immense joy, the war of nations and the utter peace and trust of a sleeping child; from the grief of total loss to the delight of having come through the greatest challenge the victor. Absolutely everything! Maybe even God himself.

Solomon was the reason he was here. Solomon would change it all.

“What can I get for you?”
Logan was snapped back to cruel reality. Well, this reality, whatever that was. When he looked back up at Solomon, the eyes were normal.

Of course, they’re normal, you moron. He’s a bartender, for crying out loud. That’s all. A man who knows drinks not the depths of my pain and desires. But…damn. “I…I don’t…maybe…”

“An Amber Moon, perhaps?”

“What?” His heart lurched hard enough to cause actual pain.

“I think you were about to ask for an Amber Moon.”       

There was such a drink? An Amber Moon? This was a nightmare. Had to be. You couldn’t make shit like this up…could you? “Sure.” Really? I said sure?

“Coming up.”

He watched the man walk away, the man who he thought would change his life, off to get him an Amber fucking Moon! Now he should run. Run far, far away and never look back.

But he wouldn’t. Somehow he still believed this man knew at least something. He had to. Why else would he suggest an Amber Moon?

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