Sunday, April 26, 2015


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Asher has a few issues. His older brother amassed a huge gambling dept that landed him in the hospital, thanks to a couple of thugs, his immediate boss at the club where he works is out for revenge, what for, Asher has no clue, and the owner of the club, the wealthy Max Tyler, is after his ass – literally.
Asher is also attracted to Max, but the same people who put his brother in the hospital also want Max Tyler dead. Not only that, but they are blackmailing Asher into helping with the heinous plot. Do as they say or his brother will die.
But Max Tyler is not so easily defeated, by thugs or a reluctant Asher. Lust at first sight, Max always gets what he wants and he wants Asher, even if it kills him.
And it just might.


About halfway through his shift, Asher noticed a man standing against the wall toward the back of the room. Tall and dark, the shadows hid most of his face, but his posture screamed confidence. Asher couldn't tell the color, but the exquisitely tailored suit the man had on was definitely not off any rack. The man's gaze sent shivers down Asher's back, making it impossible to ignore him. Was he looking at him? Asher didn't understand why he suddenly felt so self-conscious. He darted quick looks back every time he could just to see if the guy was still there, watching.
But honestly how much sense did that really make? The guy couldn't be watching him. Except every glance Asher hazarded in the man's direction told him differently. He also noticed the man was continually approached by people. Once even by Griffin himself, but each one was quickly waved off, and the man would be standing alone again. Asher grinned when he thought of Griffin's sharp nose going up in the air right before he seemed to stomp away from the mysterious man. He wondered briefly if they knew each other. Probably not.
Asher considered approaching the man, offering a drink or menu, but, with the total brush-off he was giving to everyone else, he quickly dismissed the idea. Besides, if he had needed anything, Griffin would have taken care of it. It was quite obvious the man simply wanted to be left alone. But even after some time had passed, Asher still noticed that the man never really moved from his place against the wall.
And continued to stare at Asher.
How strange.
"Earth to Asher." Rogan rapped on the bar with his knuckles.
Asher startled and looked up. "What?"
"What do you mean, what? You need something? Come on. I'm busy. What's got you staring off into space?"
"N-nothing. Just…" He sighed and turned to face the bar. "Rogan, do you see that guy leaning on the wall over there near the door? Who is he?"
Rogan looked up, then around. "Where? I don't see anyone leaning against a wall."
Asher turned to where the man was standing, but Rogan was right. He was gone. How very strange. "Huh. Never mind. He's gone."
"Good. Now you can go back to work. What do you want?"

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