Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The Door Keeper

The Door Keeper

Due out May 26, 2015.

Okay, the cover is not really the cover. Just messing around with a picture I am using as a "holding cover". So, yeah, probably never be a cover artist. LOL! Anyway, below is a small unedited excerpt from this new book.


“Hey! You there. What do you think you’re doing mucking around in a police cordoned off area?”
Nick had the pleasure of seeing the guy jerk up, surprised.
But he didn’t run.
Nick felt for his gun as the guy slowly moved his hands away from his body in a show of surrender. “I’m unarmed,” he called out then cocked his head. “Are you a cop?”
Nick stopped about twelve feet from him. There was something about this shadow man, something familiar. “Yeah. Who are you?”
“A friend. I’m…investigating this murder as well. I’m also after the man who did this.”
“Man? You know it’s a man and that it’s just one?”
The shadow man hesitated. “Yes. To my knowledge, there is just one who has done this and it is a man.”
“How do you know?”
“How do you not?” The man lowered his hands. “I trust you are not going to shoot me.”
“Trust is a fickle thing.” But Nick moved his hand away from his gun. “Step into the light.”
The man complied and when he did Nick knew he had never seen a more beautiful man in his life. Piercing blue eyes, curly blond hair, a heavy shadow of a darker blond beard and mustache as if he hadn’t shaved in several days. His chest was broad, his shoulders wide, the man had to stand at least six two which beat Nick’s five nine all to hell. He had on a light blue button down under a brown jacket, the sleeves rolled up, his blue tie hanging undone around his neck. His tight dark jeans hugged every inch of him and did little to hide the man’s ample package. Nick found himself wanting to palm that heat.
The other thing that threw him completely for a loop was the fact this was the shadow man from his fantasies. The pull had teased him when he spotted the man poking around in the dark. But Nick thought it was simply because he indeed was in shadow. And even though Nick had never actually seen the man who haunted his periphery he knew this man was him. In the flesh! Nick tried to speak but choked on his words so ended up having to try again.
He didn’t do much better.
“I’m going to ask you again, what are you doing here?” Raspy. Low. He sounded like an idiot as he tried to think sport scores, Wendy in that tight red top she thought she looked hot in, his mother, anything to keep his tongue from hanging out like a dog. But it didn’t work.
He was suddenly imagining the man naked.
“I’m going to tell you again.” The man took a couple steps closer. His voice going soft. “Investigating a murder.” Did the man recognized Nick as well? Crap. He actually wanted to be pushed up against the brick and let the big man have at it.
“What department are you from?” Nick’s voice was softer, too, but only because he was actually trying to remember how to speak, trying desperately to keep his eyes up on the beautiful man’s face and not let them descend down his tight body to take another look at the bulge in the man’s pants. Was it a bulge or just the way the man was built? Just how big was that thing and would it fit?
And just where the fuck were these thoughts coming from?
Damn it! He wasn’t some horny teenager! He was a mature, career minded man with purpose. Why was he suddenly acting like he hadn’t been laid in years?
Well, he hadn’t, but that was hardly the point. He was an adult! A detective on a murder case, okay, several of them which only made what he was now obsessing about that much worse. He was even older than this large gorgeous man, too, and that was what he needed to act like. The older, wiser cop with authority over some random guy off the street. Even if that guy was fucking hot and absolutely the guy of his dreams. Literally.
“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.” Two more steps. If Nick didn’t start backing off the man would be right up in his face. He would be able to actually feel the man’s heat. For real. Oh yes. Too bad there had to be so many fucking layers of clothes between the skin to skin that Nick truly needed right now. Nick couldn’t help but wonder how those arms would feel around him, pulling him in for a deep hot kiss.
Kiss? Oh damn. He was in trouble.
“Try me,” Nick croaked but he was actually thinking ‘do me’. Crap he was losing it.
The man sighed. Nick wasn’t sure why but even that sounded sexy. With two additional steps the man was close enough that Nick could feel his breath. “I understand the victim was without blood?” The man reached up and ran a long finger down Nick’s cheek as he gazed at Nick’s lips. The beautiful man licked his own as Nick watched.
 But the question did have the effect of snapping Nick back to some semblance of control over his cock which had decided it, too, wanted in on the action.
Control over his cock? Who was he kidding?
But honestly, did this guy really think Nick would be impressed that he knew the victim had no blood? Anyone who read the paper this afternoon would have known that. He was giving nothing of the investigation away by answering the question. “Yes. You’re right.” The hell of it was, Nick knew he would have told the man even if he was giving something away.
“I see,” the man whispered. “Any chance I can see the body?”
The warm hand now cupped Nick’s cheek and Nick closed his eyes, leaning into it. See the body? What body? Mine? 

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