Friday, August 14, 2015

Character Interview with Asher Madden

Max Tyler and Asher Madden are back—and so is a very angry man from their past. A man who believes he has been extremely wronged by the great Max Tyler.
Wyatt Jackson knows it was Max who made it impossible for him to be re-elected and that was all the politician had been after. Plus, due to the lies Max told, Jackson nearly ended up in prison.
Jackson not only wants his life back, he wants Max Tyler dead.
First step? Kidnap Max's precious Asher Madden.
Max is well aware of his error in not taking care of Wyatt Jackson when he had the chance. He just didn't think the man had it in him to bite back. But Asher is now in the former Congressman's dirty hands and in order to rescue him, Max needs a plan. One that can't fail.
But what happens when it does?

Hello, Mr. Madden. So nice to meet you.
Call me Asher. Nice to meet you, too. I was told you wanted to talk to me?
I do. Did they tell you I also talked with Mr. Tyler?
Max mentioned something. What can I do for you?
Well, first of all, I’m curious. What does it feel like to be the lover of one of the most powerful men in the city?
(Blushes) You mean Max? Yeah, I guess he’s pretty powerful. Pretty pushy, too.
Yeah. He’s like this huge alpha male. Won’t let me be alone. He always has all these people follow me and I have no choice in the matter. Thinks I can’t tie my own shoe laces.
He refers to it as providing protection.
From what? He constantly thinks someone’s out to get me. He acts like I can’t take care of myself. It makes me crazy sometimes.
Sounds like he loves you.
Love? I don’t think he’s ever told me he loves me.
You doubt it?
(Sigh) No. I know the bastard loves me. Would be nice to hear it once in a while, though.
Don’t actions speak louder than words?
Hah! If that’s the case then he more than loves me.
(Chuckles) I understand you’re a photographer.
Yep. I love it. Even the weddings and stuff. Me and my camera are pretty close.
(Laughs) What are you doing now? I heard you won that coveted contract, Chicago Illusions. A year in the life of Chicago in calendar form.
Oh yeah! It’s amazing! I am having a blast.
So what exactly are you doing?
Oh man. I get to capture this city’s personality, show it in color and shapes and… just life, you know? This city is fierce and daunting and mean and hard but it’s beautiful and incredible, too. Like in the morning? When it’s just waking up? Wow. From the dirty streets to the highest penthouse – Max’s penthouse, by the way – I really believe I’ve let it come alive through my view finder.
You sound like you love your job a lot.
Oh, I do.
So do you love Mr. Tyler like that?
(Blushes again) Well, loving Mr. Tyler isn’t always that easy.
What do you mean?
I mean he’s a bit hard to pin down. Doesn’t really go for all that romantic stuff.
Romantic stuff?
You know, flowers and dinner and stuff. But every once in a while I still try to surprise him with them.
Really? Dinner and flowers? I am having a bit of trouble imagining Mr. Tyler appreciating a bouquet of roses.
Yeah, but he does love Bob San sushi almost as much as I do.
So you surprise him with dinner? What else?
Oh, music, a glass of wine, maybe a bubble bath, that kind of thing. He usually gets home really late so it’s a little hard to order in. But, well, his name tends to move mountains so I have to admit that occasionally I use it.
You use his name?
(Laughs) Yeah. Who delivers amazing sushi at two in the morning? They do if it’s Max.
I see. So, what is his usual response?
To me doing that? Absolutely the same every time.
And what would that be?
Not sure he would appreciate me saying.
Oh! I see. That kind of response.
Ah huh. All night.
Makes for a tough morning
I bet. So one final question. What do you see for your future?
My future? Not sure. But as long as it has Max in it it’ll be crazy. Yeah, Max. That’s my future.

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