Monday, August 17, 2015

Character Interview with Max Tyler

Max Tyler from I Believe Now Talks about his Asher

Thanks for talking with me today Mr. Tyler. To begin with I want to acknowledge your status in this city. You’re a pretty important man.

I’m not sure what you mean by ‘important’.

Well, you’re political influence is relatively substantial, to say the least.

(Nodding) I have friends who discuss things with me.

Actually what I understand, you talk, they listen. There’s no real discussion.

(Chuckles) That’s quite the exaggeration.

What about the police? I understand you have the police chief’s personal cell number and can call it anytime.

Actually, it’s the chief who has my cell. He calls me.

See? That’s what I mean. They listen to you.

I will admit that I have knowledge of certain organizations and networks in this city. Occasionally the police rely on me to help steer them in the right direction.

I think that’s rather influential, don’t you?

I call it rather intelligent on their part.

So intelligent that, in fact, someone tried to not only assassinate you last year but blew your office up while you were still in it. I understand you were saved because of your desk? Care to talk about that?

(Smirk) It was a very small explosive but yes, someone thought they could eliminate me. I was shielded by my desk which was made of a very specific material capable of withstanding such personal type explosives.

You hid underneath it.

I did.

But you weren’t alone. You also saved the life of the man who actually brought the bomb in?

(Chuckles again) Yes. Asher Madden was with me at the time. And yes, he brought in the bomb but the clueless kid had no idea that was what he had done.

And now he’s your lover?

No comment

Really? There certainly seems to be something going on between the two of you.


He’s living with you, you protect him by surrounding him with your people. Why are you afraid to admit it?

I’m not afraid of anything. I just don’t discuss my love life with the public.

Ahhh! See? I was right. You’re in love.


That’s so sweet! Tell me about Asher. What is it you like about him?

(Looks away for a moment) He’s… life. He’s full of life. He reminds me that there is actual pleasure that can be extracted from our existence in this dark world. He makes me crazy. He makes me emotional. He’s… everything.

Is this the first time you’ve been in love?

Absolutely. I have never felt this way about anyone or anything.

So what is your loved one doing these days?

(Laughs) I commissioned a number of Chicago calendars called Chicago Illusions. He won the contract as the photographer. So he’s been busy running around the city getting the best photos he can in order to tell the story he wants to tell about his beloved Chicago.

You commissioned it? You mean you did it to keep him busy?

I did it to keep him out of trouble.


Yes. My past has a few unresolved… issues.

Ahhh. You mean former congressman Wyatt Jackson. He didn’t end up in prison like you expected him to, did he?

(Huffs) I don’t think Jackson has it in him to come back at me. I think he just might believe I’m still out to get him so he’s going to go underground and stay there. But, yes, keeping Asher busy but close and protected is my number one top priority. He tends to be too interested in stories that make the front page as opposed to the one he can tell with these calendars.

So you think he’s unaware of the possible danger?

Danger? There’s no danger. Like you said, I have him surrounded. In fact, once I learned Jackson was released I sent in a couple more people to keep Asher safe. But yes again, he’s totally unaware and that’s the way I want to keep it. His handlers are fully alert. That’s all I need.

Still, people make mistakes. And in the end, that’s all we are. People.

Not mine. They’re not allowed. Especially the ones who protect my Asher.

Really? So you expect no problems at all from Mr. Jackson?

(Sigh) I didn’t say that. Unfortunately he has fallen off my radar. That in itself is a problem. But I think he’s simply gone underground.

Doesn’t sound like you are all that confident.

I’m confident in that I can protect Asher. That’s all I need.

That’s very interesting you think that. Good luck to you, then. Thank you for talking to me.

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