Monday, August 24, 2015

Max and Asher's Home - Until You and I Believe Now

Max and Asher’s Home
Max and Asher live high above Chicago’s city streets. Even though, prior to Asher moving in, Max never spent much time there, he still opted for magnificent beauty and ultra-convenience. 8,500 square feet of luxury, it still sometimes represents a prison for Asher.

One of Max and Asher's Living rooms

                                                                 Max’s Home office

Decorated by Chicago’s most talented interior designers even some of the furnishings have a cost beyond measure. Yet he has items that mean much more to him than his most expensive modern art piece. Sitting on a center shelf in a glass case is an item Asher does not recognize but Max holds very dear. It is a very simple tumbler from which Max sipped brandy that first time he visited Asher in his apartment, right after Asher had saved his life. Max treasures it because Asher dug deep in his cupboards to find something that wasn’t plastic or Styrofoam. Max chuckles at the fact Asher has no idea he even took it with him.

This is where Max keeps Ash's tumbler from that night

The views from the penthouse are even more magnificent than the penthouse itself. There is an incredible view from all sides of his home but none rival the one off his amazing outside space facing downtown Chicago. Even in the winter, it offers an incredible view.

The only place where Max opted for curtains to obscure the view was the bedroom.  Even those are gossamer and thin.  But Max was never any good at sharing things so when Asher moved in, the curtains went up. Otherwise the floor to high ceiling windows remain totally uncovered.

                                                        Max and Asher’s bedroom

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