Friday, August 21, 2015

I Believe Now - The video

About the book trailers
I redid the trailer for Until You and it was the first time I used video in a video. It really made a difference. So I wanted to highlight that video along with the one for I Believe Now. The Until You video really sets the tone for the two books which is very “city” and dark. The videos I used within the video for Until You were all a cities at night and so captured that mood. I love the music for Until You video as well. It’s called Fancy Footwork by LynnMusic. It’s a full on piece that starts out slow and pulsating, rather ominous and pensive. But then it develops into something big, like something important is happening, something amazing is approaching, which fit, in my opinion, the aura of Until You.  The video for I Believe Now is much choppier, more urban, a little bit down and dirty. The music is right there, already in the thick of things. I love the way it falls, too, especially toward the end when there’s the reveal of the possibility that all of Max’s plans just may not go the way he thinks they will. That even he can be fallible. Something he can’t afford to be in his dark world. The music really punches that home. So I really like both of these videos and hope you do, too.
If you will also notice, like in a lot of sequels, the covers are similar. This is the first sequel I have been able to have a second cover for. Ice Dragon Tales had started out as two books due to its length. My publisher at the time split it and I had every intention of having similar covers for that one, too, but the second book never made it out before Silver Publishing collapsed. When Amber Allure published it, they published it as one book which was a thrill for me.  So honestly, this is the first time I have had a second book in a series come out. I had the express privilege of working with Tracy Soxie Weston on both covers. She is brilliant.  So make sure to check out the covers in the videos as well. Here’s the first video for Until You:

And here is the video for I Believe Now:

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